1) Where are your stores located?
We currently have 17 stores across the city. It includes retail stores & cloud stores(delivery only). You can click on Locate us on the website/app & find our locations
2) Where is your office?
We are a chennai-based company and our corporate office is located at Anna Nagar.
3) Is your meat safe?
Our meat is 100% safe, clean and hygienic. We are certified by HACCP and FSSAI.
4) How long will it take to deliver?
Depending on traffic and road conditions it may take within 120 mins from the time of ordering.
5) Is your meat fresh or frozen?
We have both Fresh as well as a range of frozen meats (cold cuts & sausages)
6) Is Fipola's price higher than the market?
At FIPOLA, the meat is of the highest possible quality and is sourced directly from the farmers. It goes through a very high standard of processing and distribution to reach you in the best of temperature-controlled conditions. So, its very economical.
7) Can I cancel my order?
If you have placed your order within the past 30 mins, we will do our best to communicate to the concerned store and cancel your order. Please allow us to check with the concerned department regarding the status of your order and call you back. You can’t cancel your order when your order is in processing.
8) From where do you get your meat?
All our meat is sourced directly from the farmers and the local fishing communities on a daily basis and is completely fresh. They adhere to our strict operating procedures and certifications to ensure hygienic, tasty and tender meat.
9) Is your meat ready to eat?
We have a range of Ready to Eat products
10) Is your meat ready to cook?
We do have ready to cook meats which can be picked up from our stores and delivered to you. You may also choose to visit our store directly and choose your meat and see it being processed as per your requirement.
11) How do I pay?
You may choose to pay by cash/UPI at the time of delivery. Alternatively, you may also place your order online and pay in advance for the same.
12) What's your returns policy if I don't like your product?
We assure you that you will like our products once you try. Since ours is a highly perishable product we will not be able to entertain any returns. However, in case of any dissatisfaction with our product; please feel free to get in touch with us, We will be able to give you an instant replacement
13) Where do you get your marinades from?
Our marinades are all made in house using the best ingredients in the market. Some of these marinades are FIPOLA signature products which have been developed in house by our R&D team and expert chefs.
14) Why are your pictures and colors different from the real products?
We have made every effort to display the products and colors as accurately as possible. We do not guarantee or nor take responsibility for variations in pictures and colors due to technical reasons.
15) What cards to do you accept?
We accept all credit/debit cards, UPI & international cards
16) Do you accept Sodexo/Meal Pass/other coupons?
No, currently we don't
17) Can I do an online transfer?
You may choose to place your order online and pay for it through our safe payment gateways.
18) I want to register a feedback. How do I do it?
Please feel free to register your feedbacks/concerns/appreciations and/or complaints at Support@fipola.in or fill-in the forms or feedback app available at our retail stores.
19) What is a cut-off time timing for each slot?
There is a one hour Cut off time for slots.
20) How do I check the current status of my order?
You can track your order live from your My Orders page. You will also receive SMS updates on order status.
21) When and how can I cancel an order?
You can call us on 7667276672 or email us on support@fipola.in.
22) How do I contact Customer Support?
Our customer service team is available all days of the week - 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. You can reach the team @ 76672 76672.
23) Will someone inform me if my order delivery gets delayed?
In case of a delay, our customer support team will keep you updated about your delivery.
24) Do you offer Same Day Delivery?
All our orders are same day delivery - We can also offer you future day deliveries
25) What do I do if an item is defective (foul smell or Damaged)?
We follow a strict NO QUESTIONS ASKED Return Policy. In case you are not satisfied with a product received, you can return it to the delivery personnel at time of delivery or you can contact our Customer Support team who will do the needful.
26) Do you deliver in all cities in India?
Currently, we do deliveries in Chennai city only, but we will deliver Pan - India Shortly.
27) Do you levy a delivery charge?
Yes, we charge a nominal Rs.35 as delivery charges
28) Will I receive any confirmation after placing my order?
Yes, you will receive a system generated Order Number via SMS on registered mobile number
29) What is the minimum order that I need to make?
There is no minimum order. You just have to order what you want, and we deliver it to your doorstep.
30) Is there GST?
All our prices are inclusive of applicable Goods and Service Tax.
31) Is shopping at www.fipola.in secure?
we have received the Global SSL (Secured socket layer) certification that ensures all the payments made to www.fipola.in through website and app are safe and secure.
32) How do I find out the nutritional information about the product?
Fresh meat has standard nutritional information on the packs. We have it listed on the product descriptions as well for certain products. If you need exact details about the product, you can write to us at Support@fipola.in
33) Do you have a cold chain process?
Our meat is FRESH AND SOME ARE FROZEN to ensure freshness and quality. These products are not the same. We want to bring you the freshest meat, which is juicy and succulent. We maintain a cold chain procedure right from procurement, process, distribution, and retail and maintain the meat at a safe temperature (between 0 & 4*C) and never allow it to dip below that.
34) Do you have free-range chicken/ country chicken?
Yes, we sell premium free-range chicken, also known as country chicken. Free-range chicken, as the term suggests, is when the chicken can roam about freely in its natural habitat with adequate space and is fed a wholesome diet, absolutely free from antibiotics and other growth-promoting chemicals. These chickens are very healthy and tasty to eat. We also sell free range goat.
35) What is the shelf life of Fipola meat?
We believe in eating fresh and re-stock our meat every day! Our fresh meat has a shelf life of 1 to 2 days in refrigerated conditions, while marinades can stay for 3 days.
36) Am I being charged for the wastage too?
You pay as per the weight of the product or as specified on the product description given online
37) Do I need to register or create an account before making a purchase?
You are free to browse our site, but when we deliver we need to know who you are and where you stay. Therefore, we need you to register before making your purchase at no cost. For online payment you need to register and create an account to make a purchase.
38) I haven't received my order confirmation SMS/email.
Your order confirmation email gets sent to the email address linked to your Fipola account immediately on placing the order. If you haven't received it, please check your junk or spam folder. If you still haven't received it, you may log into your Fipola Account and select 'Order History to view all your previous orders. If the order you placed does not appear, the order was not successfully confirmed. Please reorder. You can also call us at +91-76672 76672 or write to us at Support@fipola.in if you are experiencing any difficulties in placing and / or confirming your order.
39) Is my credit card information safe on your site?
Absolutely. All online payment related transactions are carried out through the secure payment gateway and are Payment Card Industry Certified (PCI DSS Certified). It is safe and we haven't received any complaints from other customer. (Fipola uses Razorpay for online transaction)
40) Will I be charged any additional fee for using online payment option?
No, we don't charge any additional fee.
41) What about the pad that comes in the package?
Meat releases water post cutting. The specially designed gel pad absorbs this water and converts it to crystals, thus ensuring hygienic, neatly packed meat.
42) Does your seafood contain ammonia?
Absolutely not! Most of the seafood available in the market today is loaded with chemicals like ammonia and formalin to increase their shelf life. We've built a business around bringing you chemical and preservative free seafood. We get seafood from local fishermen on a daily basis and keep it chilled in RO ice till it reaches the processing unit. We then use a specialized cold chain technology to keep it chilled till it reaches your kitchen, thus eliminating the need to use ammonia.
43) Does your meat contain antibiotics?
Absolutely not! We go great lengths to ensure that our chicken and goat do not contain antibiotics. We follow stringent SOPs (standard operating procedures) before we choose a vendor, as well as conduct quality checks with our current vendors to ensure no antibiotics are present in the meat you eat.
44) How do I store Fipola meat?
Ideally, the meat should be cooked right after delivery. In case you store it, it should be refrigerated (only for a day), not frozen.
45)There's an error that keeps popping up every time I checkout.
An error message at checkout could mean a few things. Make sure your billing information is correct. This includes the card number, expiration date and CVV security code. If your card has expired or has an invalid expiration date, the payment won't go through and you may receive an error message. Unfortunately, there is no way for us or our system to override incorrect verification. In case you still need help, please mail us at Support@fipola.in or call us at 7667276672.
46) Why are the items in my shopping cart no longer available?
Have you followed the procedures for booking your product, which involves registering, add to cart, payment instructions and confirmation or check out, Items will continue to appear in your cart until you've removed them or checked out. Make sure you are logged in to your Fipola Account. if you have not checked out or removed the items from your bag, the items may have been sold out.
47) What happens in case of a payment failure?
Check if you have you entered the correct information which includes name, card no, cvv code, expiry date. If you still cannot make an order online we will deliver it to you as cash on delivery. If your payment is stuck with the payment gateway, it would be refunded automatically
48) Transaction money was deducted, but I cancelled my order?
This generally happens due to an issue from your bank side, where the funds are held up. Typically, you should get an automatic refund within 72 hours.
49) I want to work for Fipola.
We are always in the hunt for talented individuals to join our team. Please send in your resume to Support@fipola.in. The concerned department will get back to you.
50) Can I cook the Marinade in an Oven/ pressure cooker/microwave?
No. You have to cook as per the instructions on the packaging. (Pan or vessel )
51) What is the opt out procedures from promotional e-mail and SMS?
We provide you two easy ways to opt out. You may use the opt out link in any e-mail solicitations that you may receive. You may also choose to opt out via sending your e-mail address/phone number to Support@fipola.in
52) Why does the price change?
Price displayed for the product depends on the market and demand, which will change from time to time.
53) How do you send/Deliver the product?
It will come in neatly packed trays and we will deliver it to you in 'insulated bags' which are temperature controlled.
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